AquaSMS UseCases

Wedding SMS Service

Weddings are very beautiful occasions in people’s life. In fact it is one of the goals and milestones that lot of persons if not all set to achieve in life. It is of little wonder then that the couple(s) love to call on family members and friends near and far to share in their joy on this important day in their lives. The love and goodwill messages from these well wishers on this day are invaluable to the newlyweds.

Election Campaign

For election campaign facilitates moderate in election campaigns. Now Political parties have shifted their strategies for election campaigns & political strategies from print to online media. It is cost effective and effortless way to promote their candidate and their party among the public. It enables ease communication with large volume of public.

Promotion SMS

Whenever you want to do any kind of promotional activity such as promotion of your new products or services, creating awareness of business meeting planned for next week etc, in such cases you can send Bulk SMS to your prospects.

Transaction SMS

Typically refers to, messages sent to users as an acknowledgement to the actions performed by them on your app / website. Such messages are delivered to users, who have registered under TRAI DND list as well and message delivery takes place 24×7 !

Institutional Benefits

The educational Institutes like Schools, Colleges, and Coaching Centres will benefit and save using our service.The benefit is not only derived for the Educational Institution, but also for the parents and for the Students. The task for the School administration, management & the office Staff also becomes simple and streamlined.

Reminder Alert

Reminder alerts provides an easy platform to set up reminders which gets delivered on time. Hence, we have a Group management option, where you can create unlimited contact list of your clients and friends. You can set reminders for all the saved groups or individual contacts. Just click on Compose SMS and set the schedule date and time. Finally, rest we will take care to deliver the SMS message at the mentioned/set time. In conclusion, Setting SMS reminders and management could not get any better.

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