Missed Call Service

It enables you to easily engage with your customer.

Missed Call service is a completely automated web based application enables you to get the real time notifications of all calls on your dedicated Mobile/Land Phone/Toll Free Number. Missed Call Alert service, which incorporates different intense components in it. This service motivates you to set up an expert and client driven methods in the business sector by giving your clients the solace and adaptability to put a missed call your number and get back to in a split second.

Our Missed call service

Connect to your customers by just one missed call. You can select a missed call number of your choice from our list. Your customer will give a missed call to this number to contact you. All the missed calls to this number will be captured and can be monitored in the online dashboard.

Our Missed call services

Missed call Alerts
Toll Free Numbers
Push call details directly into your Application/Server/ERP for dynamic actions

Benefits of Missed call

The actions are all trackable and can be easily analysed
Automatic disconnection after one ring.
Auto reply through multiple response option - SMS, Call Back.
Missed Call details through instant SMS or mail alert
Increase your contacts and networking worldwide with this.

Our Missed call service offers transactional, and MIS reports so that you can evaluate the productivity.
Log on to the choices and pick the best one!

Who should use Aqua SMS Miss Call Alert Service

We offer the best services in our niche which are characterized by unmatched quality and affordability.
Some of the factors which distinguish our services from our competitors include:
You have got a magical tool! Such an affordable Call-to-Action is a must for today’s Marketing Managers.
: Forget the outdated mystery shopping approach, and give your REAL customers the way to give their opinion. Ask them about your service, facilities, offers and get instant feedback. Empower your market intelligence at just no cost!
Industries which could benefit: eCommerce, Banking, Social Networking Site, Financial Services, Education, Travel & Tourism, FMCG, Financial Services, Retail and many more.

AquaSMS has increased our reach and business to a previously, unimaginably great extent.

Rahul Shah

Without AquaSMS we wouldn't acquire success in such a competitive environment.

Rajav Joshi

AquaSMS has given our marketing department an edge against our competitors.

Pranav Maheta

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